Where can I get help?
For short questions, clarifications, and quick insults, you can send a message to @ActFocused on Twitter.

If you have a longer and more detailed question, or an inheritance-related bank transfer offer, you can send a message at the Contact page.

What are Gradiest's Hardware and Software Requirements?
  • An Intel-based Mac
  • An iPad
  • Connection to, or ability to host, a wi-fi network
    • (It's best when your network has no extra hops to your wireless router)
  • One of:
    • Adobe Premiere Pro CC (2017+)
    • GoPro Studio (2.5.4+)
    • After Effects (CS6+) with:
      • Colorista III
      • Colorista II
      • Colorista Free

Does it work on the iPhone or the iPod Touch?
Not yet. If you were hoping for a phone-sized version, please let us know.

Is it practical to color correct without physical controls?
Yes. Obviously.

At least half of the tactile equation is the self-sensation of your hands.

A Multi-Touch interface is more sensitive than hardware devices can be, and most importantly, more adaptive to your needs. The benefits of a digital interface can outweigh the drawbacks.

Can I just try it out?
The App Store doesn't allow trial periods, so please be extra cautious that you are running a supported Mac and Premiere Pro, After Effects, or GoPro Studio system before buying Gradiest.

If you bought Gradiest by accident, or there is another problem with your purchase, then this description of the refund process may help you.

Why doesn't Gradiest support X?
Tell us what app support you need, and also tell the makers of your favorite app how much Gradiest kicks ass, because it helps if they hear your voice too.